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Social Dance:

In this class we offer beginner level Latin and Standard lessons.  Concentrating on basic body movement and music rhythm, this class aims to improve your posture and charm, as well as providing a fun way to exercise.  This class offers all the skills you will need to dance socially.  (These lessons are offered both for individuals and couples)

Competition and Choreography:

For those who want to learn at intermediate level, we have professional dance instructors who have experience in competing internationally.  Our studio’s instructor's can advise both on choreographing the dances as well as teach higher level techniques.

Single Groups:

Single group classes are available for individual who would like to exercise and learn how to move their body independently.  This class helps develop balance and postures.

Couple Group:

This class is ideal to by as a gift for your husband or wife, and provide a fun activity to do as a couple.  We aim to teach couples the techniques to help dancing together looks professional and feel more harmonious.

Private Group:

Perfect for a group of friends or companies who would like to do team building activities.  Private groups can be designed to cater to your needs.

Wedding Dance:

For lovers, to prepare you for your special day.  We can teach and choreograph dances uniquely for your wedding.  Make your first dance special with us today!


Floor Rental:

As well as classes offered, we have floor rental spaces for anyone who would like to practice or even hire the whole floor for parties and events.

Dance Preformances:

To provide colour and entertainment for your parties and events, we are able to perform dance shows, designed exclusively for you.

Dance Instructors for Entertainment:

If you would like to find an enjoyable activity as part of your event or party, we are able to provide qualified instructors, to show and teach at any event.